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At Hillside Honda located in Queens, NY serving the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Long Island area, we offer the NYS Drive Clean Rebate for our Honda electric vehicles!

NY Drive Clean Rebate for Electric Cars

Interested in purchasing an electric car? Well, you are in luck! At Hillside Honda, we have the 2021 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid which qualifies for the New York Drive Clean Rebate of up to $2,000 with a new purchase! And, that is not all! You can combine your $2,000 off a new purchase with a Federal Tax Credit of up to $7,500.

Calling all New York State residents, do not miss this chance to get into a new 2021 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid at Hillside Honda located at 13907 Hillside Ave., Jamaica, NY 11435.

Hillside Honda in Queens, NY is participating in the NYS Drive Clean Program

The Drive Clean Rebate reduces not only the cost of purchasing or leasing an eligible electric vehicle, but also reduces the harmful pollutants in the air. Dealerships will be reducing the vehicle price by the amount of the rebate, savings you don’t want to miss out on!

What Vehicles Qualify for the NYS Drive Clean Rebate – What Vehicles Are Eligible?

I’m sure your first question is…What is considered an eligible vehicle? Here is the answer!

  • Must have four wheels
  • Be highway capable
  • Be new at time of lease or purchase
  • Has to be leased or purchased on the date or after that the program is in effect

Things to Remember

  • The rebate is only available to New York State residents, businesses, and government entities
  • See the list of Drive Clean Rebate eligible cars and rebate amounts
  • Purchases and leases are eligible. Lease term must be at least 36 months
  • Rebate applications need to be submitted online within 60 days of vehicle delivery
  • Full program requirements are listed in the Implementation Manual. See Dealer Resources for more information.


How Much Of A Rebate Can I Get? It depends on the type of vehicle and its mileage.

Wondering how much the rebate will be for? No worries! We have all you need to know!

  • Greater than 120 miles – $2,000 off
  • 40 to 119 miles – $1,700 off
  • 29 to 39 miles – $1,100 off
  • Less than 20 miles – $500 off
  • MSRP over $60,000 – $500 off

These rebates are from United States Environmental Protection Agency and determined by the electric range of the vehicle.

Qualifying Factors – Residency – Ownership Period – Hillside Honda in Queens Dealership Enrollment

People who are eligible for this rebate include customers who are residents in New York State. They also must own and register the vehicle in New York State for at least 36 months. The dealerships involved with the program also must operate in New York State and must be registered in the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. The dealership also must enroll in the Drive Clean Rebate Program.

Visit Hillside Honda in Queens, NY Today! – We Participate with the NYS Drive Clean Rebate

Join the club of many drivers who have switched over to electric vehicles and save when you lease or purchase yours! Make the switch today! Make sure you stop in to see us at Hillside Honda, your premier Honda Dealership serving the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Long Island area and check out our 2021 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid inventory!

Schedule Your Appointment today to take advantage of the NYS Drive Clean Rebate!

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