Honda How To Videos

The following Honda videos review how to use and benefit from the latest technologies found on select Honda vehicles. Learn how to pair your cell-phone to the awesome audio features available to you in your Honda to convenient shortcuts in your Honda and personalizing your vehicle settings! 

Explore the Honda how-to video pages below to learn how you can use all of the fun and convenient technologies in your new Honda from Hillside Honda located in Queens,NY!



Honda Technology | How to Videos | Hillside Honda | Honda Dealership in Queens, NY 

With so much new and amazing technology that comes standard or optional in the many Honda models at Hillside Honda located in Queens, NY, it may take sometime to figure out your Honda's latest features. Your family here at Hillside Honda is here to assist you every step of the way and put together a seamless way to offer you helpful and informative Honda How To videos that go through the steps of setting up your phone and calling systems to using your navigation functions and finding out more about your steering wheel controls to how to watch media on your 7-inch screen plus more!