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Honda introduces us to Annie

Before arriving at our dealership in Jamaica Plains, NY, there's a lot of thought that goes into the construction, design and production of new Honda models. For example, the way your vehicle blocks out the sound of the wind rushing around it, to provide you with a quieter cabin, is a process that's highly evolved - and it's evolved with the help of Annie.

We know that if there is one thing that New Yorkers tend to look for in cars, it's style. Sure a simple sedan will get you from point A to point B, but a hot paint job or well-designed body will keep you from just being another car stuck in traffic. That is one of the reasons we would love to see the resulting production version of the Honda Civic Type R Concept make…

The 2014 Honda Pilot is an Excellent Choice for Families

Here at Hillside Honda we have been getting a lot of moms and dads walking into our showroom who say they are eager to bust out of the city with their families for some real outdoor adventures this summer. Of course active families need a car that can keep up with their lifestyle. Typically we encourage most parents to first take a look at the Honda Odyssey, but when space, comfort, and utility are a…

Tackle Life After College in a 2014 Honda Civic

Earlier this month we talked about the Honda Graduate Program, and it's still going strong here at Hillside Honda. Young professionals have been coming into our dealership to check out our great new inventory selection, and we've loved taking them on test drives and watching them drive away with keys and a smile.

Each Honda vehicle appeals to a different driver and their lifestyle, but for people just coming into post-college living we think the 2014 Honda Civic is one of the best selections we can offer. The Honda Civic has clean lines and an interior that is…

Another Reason to Celebrate: 2014 Honda Graduate Program

At Hillside Honda, we like to find any reason to celebrate the accomplishments of our customers, and college graduation time is surely one of them. To celebrate via Honda financial services, recent college grads can actually save $500 on a new Honda--model year 2013 or newer!

It seems only appropriate to start a new path behind the wheel of a new car. To see if you meet the Honda Graduate Program criteria, take a?

Your Honda Odyssey Stays Clean with this Feature

Just when you thought there was nothing more to love about the new 2014 Honda Odyssey that you'll find here at our Jamaica, NY, another available feature is introduced that you'll love. Check it out right here before seeing the Odyssey up close at our Honda dealership.

If you didn't catch it, that's Neil Patrick Harris' voice behind the curiously crafted dust bunny. Before seeing the available built-in vacuum feature, you…

2014 Honda Accord: Safety, Technology, and More

There are a lot of sedan options on the market today, but one of the best-selling sedan models of all time continues to be one of the absolute best, and that model is the all-new 2014 Honda Accord model, available here in Jamaica, NY at Hillside Honda. The model has always been known as an incredibly safe option, and in 2014, that tradition absolutely continues with Honda Vehicle Stability Assist on all models, and available…

Appreciate the Hand-Made? You'll Love the 2015 Honda Fit Kit

The 2015 Honda Fit will soon be arriving at Hillside Honda and we are glad to see the redesigned model back on our lot. The Honda Fit is the perfect vehicle for city driving, and we know young professionals will be drawn to it.

Honda is quite aware of that to, which is why they've gone ahead and developed an additional way of purchasing the car. It's called the Honda Fit Kit, and for all you lovers of handmade items, you'll want check out this video.

That's right, when your friends are humle-bragging about starting their…

Spring is Coming, So Get Your Honda Ready

Here at Hillside Honda, the excitement over the coming spring is practically palpable; no more snow, no more ice! The roads will be clear and the salt on our cars will finally wash off. But there's more than just a cleaning in the future for our Honda vehicles and we'd like to share some tips with you for how you can prepare your car for the coming season. Check out the video below…

The Honda Fit Moves South of the Border

Back in January we blogged about the third generation 2015 Honda Fit. With more horsepower, leg room, and a sportier appearance, at Hillside Honda we're excited to get this new, plucky model on our lot.

Since the Honda Fit is growing up, it only makes sense that it would stretch its tires and move out of its current home to a new residence. In still cold Jamaica, NY we're a little jealous that this subcompacts new home will have lots of tamales, sunshine, and margaritas.

Instead of being produced in Japan, production of the Honda Fit has been moved to a newly built factory in Celaya, Mexico. Mexico's role in the automotive industry has been steadily growing and moving production from Japan to Celaya will save transportation fees for the Honda Company.

The Honda Fit has been a best Honda seller in Japan, and with this next model that has people already talking, this plant will ensure consumer demands can be met. 200,000 tiny units will come out of Celaya annually and production began last Friday.

This new plant also have new innovative ways of building cars that save further time and money, like a new painting process that removes a primer coat, a round of baking, and creates a 40% reduction in energy. We dealers love anything that encourages efficiency while still maintaining quality.

At our dealership we have a great selection of new Honda models, including the 2014 Honda Fitand the ever popular 2014 Honda Accord. Welcome to the Honda Family, Celaya!

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